Baccarat strategy and useful tips for players

Baccarat is a dynamic game and quite fast, the results of the rounds do not have to wait. Some participants make bets on several fields at once and thus simplify the process, but get smaller winnings. The classic odds of winning a box at the casino customer – 45.86%, the dealer – 44.62%, the probability of a draw – 0.95%. In the work of each institution laid some percentage of its advantage. Influence the course and outcome of the game is impossible, because there is a random number generator.

It remains to use the general rules and recommendations:

  • It is desirable to regularly monitor the results and put a winning box several times in a row. In this case, do not bet on the box, which has not won for a long time. This can be done if the casino publishes the results of games – the so-called certificates of past competitions;
  • Remember the amount of points of each hand, keep counts and statistics;
  • Usually the player’s bet wins more often than the banker’s. It is not advisable to count on a draw; the probability percentage is negligible.

The number of decks in a hand is different depending on the species. This factor also affects the chances of winning. When playing with eight decks (“in shuze”), the casino’s advantage when betting on the player is 1.06%, on the banker – 1.24%, on a draw – 14.36%. With six decks, the first two numbers are identical to the previous ones, and the casino’s draw betting advantage increases to 14.44%. Slightly different data for a one-deck shuffle: when betting on the player’s box, the casino advantage is 1.06%, on the banker it is 1.24%, and on the draw it is 14.44%.


Playing baccarat is not as difficult as it may seem. Beginners are usually misled by the difficulty of keeping statistics and calculating the odds of winning. It is enough to choose the classic version and run it in demo mode to learn the rules, terms and tricks of baccara. The specifics of dealing the third card will cease to be difficult after practice. Play for money should be after a practical application of all the options and positions. To the format of live (with live dealers) for real bets you can start after studying all the nuances.

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