How to win at Blackjack

How to win at Blackjack at the casino 2021

For those gamers who prefer a measured game pace, simple rules and interesting strategies to win, Blackjack is the best option. In this game, people competed long before the invention of the Internet, so its army of fans has always numbered thousands of players worldwide.

If you want to play Blackjack, you probably wish to know how to win at Blackjack consistently and leave the game with a large stack of winning cash. To beat the dealer one day in a game 21 points, you need to know the rules, be able to quickly count cards, learn several winning strategies and believe in your luck.

Ways to beat a casino at Blackjack without counting cards

Online Blackjack is a game that takes place at a special game table with original markings and a dealer box. The game is played by a croupier who deals out cards using a 52-sheet deck. Blackjack round is played between the player and the dealer. Players do not compete with each other.

Virtual Blackjack has all the same rules as playing 21 points at a land-based casino. To know how to win at Blackjack and win big, you need to avoid busting the cards and collect a hand as close to 21 points as possible. If you get a hand where the sum of cards is equal to 21 points, you are an absolute winner.

Any novice gamer wants to know how to win at Blackjack and break a big bankroll. Fortunately, this is quite real, given the fact that online Blackjack gives users the highest chance of winning a session. The advantage of a Blackjack house is minimal compared to games like Roulette, Poker or slots. Therefore, if you want to choose the most profitable and interesting card game – play at Blackjack.

How do I win a 21-point game without counting cards? Today, there are some proven ways that will help you to beat a casino at Blackjack, without counting cards:

  1. The basic strategy of Blackjack, which has the form of a table. The main goal here is to prevent cards busting;
  2. Split strategy. This method of how to win at Blackjack is used when the dealer has dealt you two identical cards, after which, instead of one hand, you get two ones, doubling the initial bet;
  3. Doubling way. This strategy allows you to double the stake after you have received the starting hand. With this strategy, casino advantage is reduced by 1.43%;
  4. The method of playing with side bets – insurance and refund;
  5. A strategy of tracking Aces.

To understand which method of playing Blackjack is the most successful, you need to start practicing and try all the popular ways. Once you learn how to play virtual Blackjack, you can earn real cash on the round.

Best Live dealer Blackjack strategies

Today at online casinos there is one interesting format of a game, where a player seems to be at a real land-based casino. This is a Live game. In this round, the user does not compete with a computer program, but with a live dealer. Live Blackjack is a popular type of card game that has many fans.

In fact, Live Blackjack and regular virtual Blackjack are no different from each other. The only difference is that at the Live version, the round is played by a real croupier. Below there are some effective strategies that will help you master how to win Blackjack at casino with a Live dealer without counting cards:

  • First of all, choose a reliable casino and start playing in demo mode. Also, if you choose to play Live dealer Blackjack, you should make sure that this mode is still present at the casino;
  • To begin playing Blackjack with a real dealer, just start with the classic versions;
  • To learn how to win online Blackjack with a Live dealer, use well-known strategies, your own tactics and intuition. However, most often users win if they use the basic Blackjack strategy;
  • Keep in mind that during the game with a live dealer, additional rules of a particular online casino may apply.

The participation of a live dealer in Blackjack combines the features of a land-based and online casino. This type of game is very popular at many virtual clubs. The process of adjusting the game is carried out not by an automatic program and a random number generator, but by a croupier. The broadcast is conducted from a specially equipped casino studio in real time.

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